I will be posting workouts occasionally. These will be somewhat basic to help develop fundamental skills. Do not due anything that you think will cause you to injure yourself or anyone else. I will try to post detailed instructions and/or a good picture on this page for each exercise, or link to a good site for anything that may be harder to explain. DO NOT BOUNCE while stretching, bouncing in a stretch is a good way to tear the muscle not elongate it. Simply hold the stretched position for 20 to 90 seconds then slowly come out of it. Please be careful.

Warm Up/Cool Down:

  • Arm Swings: Stand with feet shoulder width apart, gently cross you arms in front of you then uncross them out to your sides, repeat at a steady pace for 10-50 repetitions.
  • Jumping Jacks: Start with feet together arms at your sides. Jump out to spread your legs while raising your hands over your head. Jump to return to the start. Try to be as fluid as possible. This is a great warm up and works our shoulders and legs.
  • Prayer Circles: Start with your feet one to two shoulder widths apart and knees slightly bent, and your hands together(like your praying) in front of you.  Slowly straighten your knees while raising your hands together over your head. Now circle your arms out and down as you bend your knees to squat. Bring your hands together in front of you, and then return to the starting position by standing mostly up and lifting your hands together in front of you.  Now repeat in the other direction, ie. down around, up back down in front.
  • Trunk Twist: Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Slowly twist back and forth allowing your arms to gently swing(for flop) from one side to the other.

hold for 20-90 seconds as you feel comfortable. DO NOT BOUNCE

  • Cross Body Arm Stretch: Raise one arm in front of you at shoulder height, cross it in front of you.Now use your other arm to give the first one a hug. Repeat starting with the other arm. This will help stretch the back of the shoulder.
  • Back Stretch: Start with legs together and straight. Put your hands over your head and gently lean back to stretch your chest and abs.
  • Forward Stretch: Start with legs together and straight. Bend forward, try to touch your toes.
  • Side Stretch: Start with legs together and straight. Gently lean to one side, reaching down your side with that hand. Repeat to the other side.
  • Half Split: Stand with feet about twice shoulder width, Squat down to one side keeping the opposite leg straight.  This will stretch the inner thigh. Repeat to the other side.
  • Thigh Stretch:(Runner/Hurdler) This will help your balance too. Stand on one foot bending the other one at the knee. Reach down and behind you with the same arm as the bent leg.  Pull your foot up and in to your body. This will stretch your thigh. Repeat on the other side.
  • Overhead Arm Stretch: Raise one of your arms overhead. Bend your elbow, put your hand on your back. now reach up and over with your other hand, grab your elbow and gently pull it over, sliding your hand farther down your back. Repeat on other side.

  • Plank: Lie on ground, Toes underneath(not stretched out). Place palms flat on ground under shoulders. Press up until arms are straight. Hold position 1-5 minutes as you are able.
  • Squat: Stand with feet 1 1/2 to 2 shoulder widths apart. Bend knees until thigh are parallel with the floor, keeping you back straight and upright(go as low as you can with correct form). Hold position for 1-5 minutes as you are able, or repeat the number of time indicated.

  • Boxing Stance: Start with feet shoulder width apart. Step the indicated foot forward about that same distance. Raise the indicated hand about a foot to in front of your chin with the elbow bent. The other hand should be in front of you lower rib area in a similar manner.
  • Downward Dog: Stand with feet two shoulder widths apart, put hands on the floor about two to three shoulder widths directly in front of your feet. You will be in an upside down V.  Hold 1-5 minutes as you are able.  
  • Tree: Stand on indicated foot, lift the other one up and place on the inside of your knee, raise your hands over your head with palms together like praying.  Hold 1-5 minutes as you are able.
  • Upward Dog:  Start as Downward Dog, then while on the balls of you toes, lower you body forward and down. Your chest should be up, and your hips should be down, with only you hand and feet on the ground.  Hold 1-5 minutes as you are able.
  • Warrior 1: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, step the indicated foot forward two shoulder widths, sink your hips, bending your front knee while keeping the back one straight.  Keep you hips square to the front.  Hold 1-5 minutes as you are able.
  • Warrior 2: Feet are the same as Warrior 1, hands are held out at shoulder height, directly to the front and the back, with hips turned to the side.  Hold 1-5 minutes as you are able.

Martial Arts:
  • Fist: Hold hand palm open fingers together, roll fingers closed, now fold the thumb over to cover the fingers between the middle two joints. Strike with the first two knuckles only, the others are weak, and can be hurt easier.
  • Front Kick: Start in given Stance, raise indicated knee, kick foot out to hit with the ball(that means pull your toes back), bring foot back, finish in th starting stance. Eventually you should do all these steps as one quick flowing motion.
  • Straight Punch: Start in given Stance, punch indicated hand out in a fist aimed at either the head or chest of someone your hight(imaginary please, don't actually hit others unless absolutely necessary). Retract fist to starting position quickly. This should be done in one motion.

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