Saturday, June 26, 2010

Workout of the Week 1

I think this is a good kick off:

Warm up:
100 Jumping Jacks

Forward Bend
Side Bend
Back Bend
Trunk Twist

Left Boxing Stance
25 Left Straight Punches
25 Right Straight Punches
25 Left Right Straight Punches
25 Left Front Kicks
25 Right Front Kicks
Right Boxing Stance
25 Right Straight Punches
25 Left Straight Punches
25 Right Left Straight Punches
25 Left Straight Punches
25 Right Front Kicks
25 Left Front Kicks

Repeat twice, one then the other.
Hold Squat
Hold Plank

Cool Down:
Arm Swings
Cross Body Arm Stretch
Overhead Arm Stretch
Thigh Stretch
Half Splits


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Let the Musings Begin

I have been pondering my own conditioning routine, which is basically nill, lately. I have a deep dislike for running, and spent the last year working one full and two part time jobs, and still tried to spend time with my wife and kids(3). So, I am very out of shape right now, the future is looking better though, working less, starting back at school in the fall, after ten years of being on the other side of the podium, and posting my life(at least this part) for everyone to see.

I will begin posting "Workout of the Week"s on Sunday. I feel that focusing on one set of skills/strength/stretching/whatever for a week helps you hone your abilities and get comfortable with the routine just in time to change it and keep you body guessing. Some of them will be conditioning(both static and dynamic) others may be stretching, or patterns of movement, but all will be useful at developing good physical skills for fighting or just about anything else. I will also try to use the simplest terms possible to describe things. Please don't get upset if I rephrase an eccentric martial arts or yoga term, I'm just trying to make it easier for people to understand.

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