Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Workout of the Week 4

Well, This one is  late too. I'm not doing to good at this blogging thing yet. It is a lot harder than my wife makes it look.  We were in FL this weekend to visit some friends we haven't seen in forever.  Thats when they decided to go running.  I have previously mentioned my distaste for running.  So since I suffered through it I figured you guys could too.  They are big fans of Cross-Fit I prefer Body Weight exercises, either way this is a modification of a Cross-Fit work out, mine is a little easier.  You will need to find a nice spot about 1/4 of a mile(400 Meters, once around a standard track) long.

Warm Up:
Trunk Twists
High Steps
Forward bends
Half Splits
Thigh Stretch

Run 400
Walk 400
Run 200
Walk 200
Run 100
Walk 100
Run 100
Walk 100

Cool down:
Repeat Warm Up

I don't like this one much, but it is very good for cardio health because of the interval nature of the work out.

Plus if anybody checks it out, it will help you get ready for a Cross-Fit "Murph"(they name all their workouts, kinda cool), which is crazy hard. My friend in FL wants to do that one, it is a goal of his. I think it would be killer to, and it fits my body weight only style, so I think I'm going to work towards it too.  Maybe next summer we can do it together. I will try to post again this week more about our friends and the great trip.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Workout of the Week 3

This has been a long week, and our new workout is well over due. Blogging is hard when you agree to due something on a timed basis. This week we will work on some general moves and blocking.

Warm up:
High step marching 25 steps per side

The best blocking drill I've seen is from Kenpo Its called the 8 point blocking system. It is very systematic, and easy to remember. We will do 10 from each stance:
1: right outside block
2: left outside block
3: right inside block
4: left inside block
5: right high block
6: left high block
7: right low block
8: left low block

Left boxing stance
Right boxing stance

20 Squat thrusts

Cool down
Trunk Twists
Forward Bends

Monday, July 12, 2010

New OS

Ok, The workout of the week is late. It should be up tomorrow. Now for the reason why... My wonderful wife's computer was giving her some trouble, so I decided to fix it. Now, I do know my way around computers, and I greatly dislike windows, so now we are a LINUX(Ubuntu) family. So far I have spent more hours than I can count setting everything up between our two computers. Needless to say my wife is not thrilled with me right now. I haven't set up or run a LINUX machine since college. They are much more stable, faster, and more user controllable than any other OS. I do love my wife dearly, and need to fix her computer before I get to play with my own. As per her suggestion, the next time I plan on doing anything major to her computer, I will be checking for all possible problems. Now I need to go finish trying to fix her AOL, and get her printer up and running. Ubuntu is great, but there are some setup things you have to be prepared for, and take some precautions, but once you are up, you are good, no crashes, lockups, or viruses.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Workout of the Week 2

This week will have a bit less movement. We will be holding stances and positions, to gain strength and stretch. So, no punching or kicking. Most of the following are yoga poses. Asian martial arts has been linked to yoga from its beginning. Ancient Chinese fighters often held stances for hours, just to increase their endurance, many of these stances came directly from yoga. Today yoga is practiced for many different purposes. Some people use it as meditation others as "prayer." I like to think of it as a peaceful exercise that can give you time to reflect. Personally, as a Christian, I like to think about scripture or just Gods hand in my life, once I get used to a certain routine, and can actually do everything in the sequence, which may take a couple of tries for it to become "easy."

Warm Up:
10 Prayer Circles

Repeat one to three times as a circuit, moving as smoothly as possible between the positions.
Warrior 1(left)
Warrior 2(left)
Forward Bend
Downward Dog
Upward Dog
Downward Dog
Forward Bend
Warrior 2(right)
Warrior 1(right)

Cool Down:
10 Prayer Circles

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