Sunday, July 4, 2010

Workout of the Week 2

This week will have a bit less movement. We will be holding stances and positions, to gain strength and stretch. So, no punching or kicking. Most of the following are yoga poses. Asian martial arts has been linked to yoga from its beginning. Ancient Chinese fighters often held stances for hours, just to increase their endurance, many of these stances came directly from yoga. Today yoga is practiced for many different purposes. Some people use it as meditation others as "prayer." I like to think of it as a peaceful exercise that can give you time to reflect. Personally, as a Christian, I like to think about scripture or just Gods hand in my life, once I get used to a certain routine, and can actually do everything in the sequence, which may take a couple of tries for it to become "easy."

Warm Up:
10 Prayer Circles

Repeat one to three times as a circuit, moving as smoothly as possible between the positions.
Warrior 1(left)
Warrior 2(left)
Forward Bend
Downward Dog
Upward Dog
Downward Dog
Forward Bend
Warrior 2(right)
Warrior 1(right)

Cool Down:
10 Prayer Circles

1 comment:

  1. I'm hoping to do this one more than once. I think 3-5 times is doable. :)


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