Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Workout of the Week 3

This has been a long week, and our new workout is well over due. Blogging is hard when you agree to due something on a timed basis. This week we will work on some general moves and blocking.

Warm up:
High step marching 25 steps per side

The best blocking drill I've seen is from Kenpo Its called the 8 point blocking system. It is very systematic, and easy to remember. We will do 10 from each stance:
1: right outside block
2: left outside block
3: right inside block
4: left inside block
5: right high block
6: left high block
7: right low block
8: left low block

Left boxing stance
Right boxing stance

20 Squat thrusts

Cool down
Trunk Twists
Forward Bends

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