Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Workout of the Week 4

Well, This one is  late too. I'm not doing to good at this blogging thing yet. It is a lot harder than my wife makes it look.  We were in FL this weekend to visit some friends we haven't seen in forever.  Thats when they decided to go running.  I have previously mentioned my distaste for running.  So since I suffered through it I figured you guys could too.  They are big fans of Cross-Fit I prefer Body Weight exercises, either way this is a modification of a Cross-Fit work out, mine is a little easier.  You will need to find a nice spot about 1/4 of a mile(400 Meters, once around a standard track) long.

Warm Up:
Trunk Twists
High Steps
Forward bends
Half Splits
Thigh Stretch

Run 400
Walk 400
Run 200
Walk 200
Run 100
Walk 100
Run 100
Walk 100

Cool down:
Repeat Warm Up

I don't like this one much, but it is very good for cardio health because of the interval nature of the work out.

Plus if anybody checks it out, it will help you get ready for a Cross-Fit "Murph"(they name all their workouts, kinda cool), which is crazy hard. My friend in FL wants to do that one, it is a goal of his. I think it would be killer to, and it fits my body weight only style, so I think I'm going to work towards it too.  Maybe next summer we can do it together. I will try to post again this week more about our friends and the great trip.

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