Monday, July 12, 2010

New OS

Ok, The workout of the week is late. It should be up tomorrow. Now for the reason why... My wonderful wife's computer was giving her some trouble, so I decided to fix it. Now, I do know my way around computers, and I greatly dislike windows, so now we are a LINUX(Ubuntu) family. So far I have spent more hours than I can count setting everything up between our two computers. Needless to say my wife is not thrilled with me right now. I haven't set up or run a LINUX machine since college. They are much more stable, faster, and more user controllable than any other OS. I do love my wife dearly, and need to fix her computer before I get to play with my own. As per her suggestion, the next time I plan on doing anything major to her computer, I will be checking for all possible problems. Now I need to go finish trying to fix her AOL, and get her printer up and running. Ubuntu is great, but there are some setup things you have to be prepared for, and take some precautions, but once you are up, you are good, no crashes, lockups, or viruses.

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  1. I know you love me and I do love you. But this computer thing is driving me batty. But I have full confidence you will be able to fix everything and get me access to all of my AOL favorites (that I have saved for over 10 years) and that I will eventually learn to like this new OS. :) Love you


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